Bringing the African AIDS Epidemic into Focus with the SLF’s New Film

Daniel Duic has been involved in database software development for nearly 30 years, creating automated workflow processes and statistical modeling software for both domestic and international firms. Lending his support to advocacy efforts for HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa, Daniel Duic also works with the Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign.

Since the HIV virus was first discovered in the 1980s, sub-Saharan Africa has been among the most affected regions globally. Millions of African adults have died without access to treatment, effectively leaving an entire generation of orphaned children, many of whom face the added burden of their own deteriorating health. In some regions, an estimated 40-60% of children live in households headed by grandmothers. To that end, the Stephen Lewis Foundation strives to draw attention to the plight of African grandmothers, providing for those who support the community. To date, the SLF has donated more than $21 million to 15 countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa. But, further advocacy efforts are needed to reverse the tide of AIDS in the region, whose afflicted adults account for 71% of HIV patients worldwide. Most recently, the SLF premiered its new documentary at the 2014 International AIDS Conference in Australia. Entitled African Grandmothers Tribunal: Seeking Justice at the Frontlines of the AIDS Crisis, the film explores the plight of six grandmothers in Africa who strive to feed, nurture, and educate children in HIV prevention, while facing the obstacles of social violence and inadequate healthcare. The film will be screened in select locations throughout Canada, and is currently available as a Blu-Ray or DVD.

To order a copy, organize a screening, or to donate to the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign, visit


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